Cellulose Hydrogel Extra Pure


This translucent, homogeneous, and odorless hydrogel is made from wood fibers through our green and energy-efficient process.

For specialists in cosmetics, FineCell’s cellulose hydrogel is a sustainable and multifunctional ingredient with many benefits:

  1. Great skin feel, not greasy, nor sticky
  2. Stabilizing o/w Pickering emulsions
  3. Tuning viscosity of formulations
  4. Making it easier to spread and spray thick formulations
  5. Improving moisturizing effects


For specialists in 3D bioprinting, FineCell’s cellulose hydrogel is a co-component for your bioink formulations. It provides many benefits:

  1. Enabling printing scaffolds with improved shape fidelity, without sacrificing bioink’s printability
  2. Improving scaffold’s shape stability, as FineCell’s nanocellulose hydrogel is crosslinkable with CaCl2
  3. Excellent biocompatibility (cell viability ≥95%)