Cellulose Hydrogel


This translucent, homogeneous, and odorless hydrogel is made from wood fibers through FineCell’s green and energy-efficient process.

For specialists in paints, FineCell’s cellulose hydrogel is a green and multifunctional additive to help you:

  1. Simplify your formulations by replacing thickeners, emulsifiers, binders, and stabilizers
  2. Improve scratch resistance of the resulting coating


For specialists in thin film applications, FineCell’s cellulose hydrogel can improve film formation of polymers and small particles.

FineCell’s cellulose hydrogel can also be used alone to make thin films with the following features:

  1. Transparent or translucent
  2. Rigid (elastic modulus ~10 GPa) and strong (tensile strength ~200 MPa)
  3. Excellent oxygen barrier property (oxygen permeability 0.3-0.5 (cm3µm)/(m2 day kPa) at 50% RH)
  4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion (2-25 ppm/K)