Sustainable Micro-fibrils for Greener & Differentiated Products

Looking for solutions in developing new products and reducing carbon footprints? We’re here to help you!

FineCell is a chemical company offering cellulosic micro-fibrils originating from the forest, to help manufacturers develop new products with new features, reduce carbon footprints, explore new business opportunities, and attract new customers.

FineCell’s technology is based on several years of top research performed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, which is a global leader in research of polymers and materials from renewable resources. FineCell’s technology is patented in Sweden, with patents pending across global geographies.

Key applications of FineCell’s products are:
1. Reinforcements for lightweight biocomposites
2. Multifunctional (o/w emulsion stabilizer, rheological modifier, moisturizer, carrier for bioactive substances such as peptides) and renewable ingredient for skincare products, enabling “greener”​ products with simplified, shortened, and understandable ingredient lists
3. Rheological modifier for 3D bioprinting hydrogels/inks and structural support for printed scaffolds
4. Performance additive (o/w emulsion stabilizer and rheological modifier) for paints and reinforcements for the resulting coatings (improving film formation and scratch resistance)