Sustainable Cellulose Microfibers for Greener & Differentiated Products
Sustainable Cellulose Microfibers for Greener & Differentiated Products

About us

FineCell offers sustainable cellulose microfibers to help manufacturers make new products with reduced carbon footprints and differentiated properties.

FineCell’s technology is based on several years of top research performed at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, which is a global leader in research of polymers and materials from renewable resources. FineCell’s technology is patented in Sweden, with patents pending across global geographies.

FineCell’s cellulose microfibers possess physical and chemical properties that differ from competing products, and provide differentiated benefits for the users.

FineCell has been supported by Vinnova (Sweden’s innovation agency) and EIT InnoEnergy.


Jonatan Henschen

CEO | Co-founder | +46 70 467 40 20

Jonatan is one of the inventors of FineCell’s technology. He received his PhD degree in Fiber and Polymer Science in 2019. Jonatan is responsible for FineCell’s management. Besides, he has been focusing on developing FineCell’s technology and products.

Monica Ek

Advisor | Co-founder

Prof. Monica Ek is one of the inventors of FineCell’s technology. Thanks to her earlier experience in working at large corporates, Monica has deep understanding of the industry of renewable chemicals and materials, as well as broad customer networks in relevant fields. As a professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and division head, Monica has strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, as well as scientific research background. As a co-founder of FineCell, Monica is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship.

Kloce Dongfang Li

Business Development | Co-founder

Kloce received his PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science in 2015, and is one of the inventors of FineCell’s technology. Kloce is passionate about commercializing innovative technologies and sustainable materials. Although academically trained as a scientist, Kloce has been enthusiastic about learning and practicing business skills to drive FineCell towards commercial success.

Jonas Engstrand

Development Engineer | +46 73 998 72 58

Jonas works as a development engineer at FineCell. He graduated as a mechanical engineer with a masters degree in aeronautical engineering from Linköping University in 2017. Jonas is focusing on the development of FineCell’s production process and a production plant of FineCell’s products. 

Jan Herstek

Business Development

Jan is responsible for business development at FineCell. Jan has about 20 years of international business development experience from France, USA, Sweden, Japan, and China. He has previously worked with Sony, Ericsson, Tag Heuer, Christian Dior, and other renown brands. Jan has a strong interest in sustainability solutions.

Abir Bouledjouidja

Head of Research, Development, and Innovation

Abir received her PhD degree in Material science and green process in 2016 and has more than 9 years of experience work on sustainable innovation and new product development. Abir is responsible for FineCell’s product development and commercialization. 

Funding Partner

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