Finecell has become a member of Biorenewable Deployment Consortium

FineCell has officially become a member of the prestigious Biorenewable Deployment Consortium (BDC)!

BDC’s mission is to support the Forest Products Industry by promoting the deployment of commercially viable advanced biofuels, biochemicals, and byproducts technologies, without the need for long-term subsidies. Their focus on optimizing efficiency ensures that we extract the utmost value from every tree.

As a fact-based, trustworthy, and results-oriented international organization, BDC is dedicated to educating industry leaders and keeping them updated on cutting-edge technology, processes, and policies relevant to the deployment of advanced biorenewables.

Boasting a diverse group of members including forest products, corn ethanol, biorenewable technology, construction, financial institutions, and universities, BDC fosters collaboration, brokering partnerships, providing vital information and education, identifying asset utilization opportunities, and leveraging available financial resources.

FineCell’s CEO, Peter Axegård, holds a key position as an Advisory Board member of BDC and is excited to present at the BDC Fall Forum on September 26 in Boston.

Joining the BDC is a remarkable milestone for FineCell, as we continue to lead the way in sustainable technology and contribute to the advancement of the biorenewables industry.